Making my own spray tan booth


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If you edit and 'save as original' the edit will take affect on that file (even if it doesn't appear to on here straight away), if you 'save a copy' then you need to paste the IMG code of the edited version or you will still get it showing huge :biggrin:

The photo I put on above I have saved a copy so the first photo will stay big and the second one will shrink :wink2:
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Well after all that your tan cubicle is fab :lol::lol: well done.

Curtains pulled round.

Curtains pulled round.

That looks great, do you stand just on the outside (where the curtains open) or are you in there with them? Wish I had a spare room to set up a booth at home!
Ohhh I love this, very nicely done looks professional, more so than a pop up tent at home I think. Well done
Awwww thanks for your kind comments. I'm loving it.xx:lol:
I think that's fab! Well done x
That's really good, where did you get the Perspex?
I think its fab! Out of interest, what do you use on the floor? Is it a towel?

This looks good :) I'll have to have a look next Saturday when I come up xx
We had somthing like this were i used to work! Then we had nother set of even bigger curtins so we was inside! But spray still got everywere :( even with a big extractor in the bottom corner! We ended up getting waterproof flooring (like at school) put all up the walls and had a shower fitting then just used to hose the walls down! Was sooo much quicker! But thats all the room cold be used for!

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The perspex was from a bathroom place , it's used for showers wet rooms, you can glue or screw on wall.I put a black bath sheet on the floor, i did think of rubber matting, but want it tidy for the beauty therapist who will be in the room other days.thanks for your positive comments, i will tell my parents they did good,lol. bless em.xx:green:
Sounds great hun!! Post a pic when you're done... People are always asking for ideas like this :) x

I'm working on a mobile booth prototype made from pvc pipe and pvc furniture pipe fittings. You can take this idea in many directions. I will post pics of mine when it's complete. (Krlon plastic spray is cheaper than buying colored pvc, but you should sand off any manufacturer's printing.)

Have i done it??
Hi I know this is a old post but did this work? I need to use a corner in my beauty room for tans and spray is all over x
Hi I know this is a old post but did this work? I need to use a corner in my beauty room for tans and spray is all over x
Hi This will "help" with overspray but won't stop it. The extractor is way too small, the top is open and you have to stand outside and spray in. The only way something like that would work is if have a covering on the top and a very good extraction unit at the front to stop the overspray getting back into the room. Check the only spray tanning extractor that works!

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