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Thank you everyone for your wonderful replies and advice :D

His appointment is Monday (tomorrow here) and i'm kind of looking forward to it now .

I have sorted out all my largest tips and i'm hoping all will be ok, i'm still a bit anxious about my ability to do a wonderful set for him.

i'm assuming it will probably take me a bit longer and i have allowed about 2 hours for his appointment.

I work from home so i don't think i should have any problems about upsetting my other clients as i don't really have them beating down my door just yet lol but i do have a wonderful high school girl that i do that has been doing alot of free advertising for me, she made up little flyers and has been posting them in stores and businesses all over town , and thats how my male client found me :D

I will post tomorrow night and let everyone know how it goes

again thank you :D

Kerrie :)


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Apr 18, 2003
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I had a guy call up and make an appointment next week for enhancements, he told me he was a female impersonator and wants to have permanent nails instead of the stick on ones all the time.

Im a little nervous about this, 1) that i wont have tips to fit 2) i have never done a mans nails before.

Im wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if they did how has it worked out?

He said that he wants to become a regular client as his show is running for a few months and said that its going to work out more economical for him to have acrylic nails.

Kerrie :)
Thats just fab, he will be really entertaining while you perform his treatment. You must be able to get bigger tips from somewhere, you probably have to order them special.
I did a lady once who had really big hands and I had the same worry, at the time I was using star nails tips and I was told I could get bigger ones although I never looked into it. The lady in question had all the same size nail beds more or less and I had to use my biggest 2 tips on all her nails. Very strange, she was a lovely lady but HUGE hands. Hope you get on ok
What a great client to have! :D

Get your nail forms out and start practising your sculpting!!!

Someone else may have some other advice.

Is he going to have them REALLY long???


I'll bet your larger tips will fit, if not then just sculpt.
I think it would be really fun to do a guys nails, it sure would rock my little Southern shop!!! ;)I could just see some of the ladies faces!! LOL
Ange has a really good point!!

Clients like this can sometimes - whether we agree or not - upset the salon environment.

I once did the nails for a transexual man/woman and I had to make it clear to him (he was on the way to becoming a her) that if my regular clients were uncomfortable we might not be able to continue a regular service for him. He understood and was OK with it .... for a while! Well after a few months, he started to completely take over the salon every time he came in. He hung around for hours after service having coffees and talking recipees etc - I know - and some were not comfortable with it so sadly he had to go to another salon that I recommended which was a little more able to cope with him and his large personality.

If people are discreet, it shouldn't be a problem but if he loves your work, you may get a lot of his friends referred to you and you need to think about whether or not you can handle that. My comments are not intended to be biggoted in any way - but this is real life and not everyone is understanding of alternative lifestyles.

There are ways 'round it such as a 'Nails for Males' evening if you find you are getting many enquiries.
:D Sounds great, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a male client, let me know how you get on.........GOOD LUCK
Oo, er... :D I guess, anyone like that would get on my nerves - male, female or otherwise!!!


I had a male client for a few months who wore acrylic nails. I use to put sculpt's on him as that is my favorite way to apply and his nails were too big for tips. He was great, he took the best care of his enhancements then any of my clients, loved nail art, the wilder the better. I miss doing his nails but it was a fad for him and he went back to natural.
Hi all

Well i have got a couple of male clients that have manicures and boy they are sooooo much fun. I am or should i say was a tom boy :oops: when i was younger,belive it or not i did want to become either a car mechanic(spelling) or a lorry driver(hgv's) until the day my mum twisted my arm to do nails(which may i add didn't take much twisting :D ). So i find it easy to talk to my male clients about cars(second fav subject after nails) latest films i have seen etc etc.
Then i got a call from a guy asking about extensions, he asked all about them strenght and so on. He then made an appointment and when he came in we got chatting (as you do) he told me he plays the guiter and that he had tried many places for extensions and none had worked for him, he felt uneasy about going into salons because of the funny looks and so on. Anyway cut a long story short he returned more then the once or twice and he got on well with all the girls in the shop and he was fun to chat to. Sadly he has not been back for some time as he gave up playing the guiter and didn't need extensions anymore.
The male clients are good fun and we always have a laugh about maybe trying the letterbox red varnish next visit (sadly none have dared it yet but hey there is still time :D )
So just relax and be yourself try to come across as having loads of male clients and you are totally used to it and that will make him feel relaxed aswell.

Have fun
love faye xx(ruthys one and only)
Well babe you have nothing to worry about.................
I would love to do his nails, he must have a very interesting life...........
plenty to chat about there.................

Back in the early 90's I worked in the tanning shop at the Arches opposite Heaven (gay nightclub)
I used to do all the clubacts nails then. Boy did I have a good time.
They where friendly, polite totaly amazed by my work. We had the odd one in, the over the top he/she but you just deal with it as it happens.
Just play it by ear, you soon know how to handle any situation that might arise.
Also on another note, just because he is a preformer doesn't mean to say he will be over the top or mad, if you know what I mean.
Most men just sit there very quiet and are pleasant to deal with. So be yourself and you will be fine.
I still deal with a few guys and they are my favorite clients, they dont bitch as much, dont have PMT (well only Pre Money Tension) and with the right chat you will have then eating out of your hands
so good luck
love Ruth xxxxx

I do know that a company called Pronails do extra large tips - I know because I bought some at the last show - they are so big that some of them are bigger than my big toes - I bought them in to cover every eventuality!

Heidi :rolleyes:
Yea Heidi is right, forgot all about Pronails
Love Ruth xxx
Hi i stock the Man range - alessandro manicure range for men which i am just about to promote - any ideas much appreciated- but i take on board all the comments about women feeling uncomfortable but surely we should be encouraging men to look after their nails too!!! i have a home salon and dont have many clients - as yet- so there is no chance of overlapping or clients in at the same time ... i wouldnt be embarrassed or put off if i went to a garage and their was a female mechanic there i certaintly wouldnt refuse to have my car done by her... surely with the increase in male tech's we can only encourage men into our industry wheter it is as a client or a tech!!!
ps we need spell check on here my spelling is appaling
Jen, I don't think that women are upset about straight men getting manicures. It is when gay men with a flair for dressing as women come it that there could be a problem.
I think it is a great idea to promote nail care for men. Go for it!!!
Hi all,

I have a male client that has acrylic extensions. He has been a client for nearly three years. He has a very masculine persona, but wears womens clothes etc.

He is a really nice man, not over the top and dresses more elegantly than most women clients lol. He is the client that buys most polishes and has occasionally had bright red nails and also pink. None of my clients is bothered by him, in fact they are fascinated. In my experience it is the men that are bothered by him. I still haven't got round to asking him what he is????

I occasionally do mens manicures and wouldn't dream of turning a male client away, unless of course he upset my other clients. The world is full of all sorts of different people and I think it makes life more colourful and interesting.
Hi :)

I did my male client yesterday and it went great!

He didnt have really huge hands so i was able to use thumb and larger tips, and i must say i was quite proud of the results, and he was absolutly thrilled! he even got nail art!! diamonties on each nail in the shape of a diamond , lucky i had just got some more last week i used so many! :D

He got me to paint them a very vibrant red and he had them about mid length and i talked him into having them square oval as he wanted oval but the sqaure shape suited his hands great!

He is going to get some photos for me of him all dressed up for his act with his nails and when i get them i will post them here for you all to see lol

But he was very polite and very very chatty and was so interested in every little step and was asking me a million questions it was one of the best client experiences i have ever had and he re booked for his infills and said he cant wait to come back and get more diamonties and he asked me to order them in all different colours, he says that when the stage lights shine on his hands he wants his nails to sparkle!!

I gave him lots of business cards! :D

kerrie :)
Aaahhhh, he sounds great! :D

So glad it went well for you.

Can't wait to see the pictures!!! :D :D :D

I would love a client like that! :rofl:
i'm new to this forum ,i only recently joined i have been laid up after a minor operation and have had time to look at nail related websites.
i thought i would let you know that i have 13 regular male started when i had a phone call from a guy that wanted extensions.he was a regular guy ..married with a young son (his wife is also a client now :D ).i was a little nervous at first ...but once i met him i realised that he was a very nice person .i should say that as it turned out he is a transvestite who visits a particular club once a month and so has his nails done monthly.he has brought me most of my other male clients ...some gay ...some transvestites and some straight ;) .i now set aside one or two days a month for men only ...i find this easier than taking the risk of offending any other clients.all the men i deal with are all polite and have a real interest in what i am doing ...there is also another plus side to having male clients ....they tip extremly well :shock: :D
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