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Oliver Steele

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Jan 24, 2016
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New York City
I am looking for talented, successful and easygoing hair artists who not only need to rent a chair to do hair but are interested in providing their clientele with an experience that is enjoyable and memorable.

Hourly Rental / Full Day Rental / Weekly Rental / Monthly Rental
Volume Discount Packages !

email - [email protected] / text - 917.204.7191

The Master Suite - a creative space for Master Stylists - is located within one of Manhattan's most central areas - Columbus Circle. The walk from the subway ranges from 2-5 minutes and clients are falling in love with this beautiful pre-war building and its ornate lobby entry.

This building is commercial and residential and therefore has 24 hour attendants and two elevators.

Originally an apartment, The Master Suite has 4 rooms with 3 windows.

"The Vestibule"
has waiting chairs, end tables and features original art work created especially for the space by fashion designer and client of mine for 23 years Bill Rancitelli (Ralph Lauren / Zara). The Welcome-Beverage-Area has a Keurig Coffee Maker with coffee, hot chocolate, 6 kinds of teas, sugar, sweetener and honey - all provided by The Master Suite. It is complete with a refrigerator and top freezer which easily holds the provided milk, cream and ice water for clients and still has tons of space for your lunch or any other beverage you choose to serve. Water and wine glasses, cups, spoons and napkins are also available. Finally, there is a large coat closet with hangers and shelving space for stylist/client backpacks and shopping bags.

Wifi is a yes!

"The Salon"
has 4 styling chairs and every station has a styling cart with storage bins that can also double as a color tray. If needed, extension cords, hand mirrors and cutting stools are ready to go. Console tables make it easy for your clients to rest their beverage and there are bins for client purses to keep them hair free. A multitude of track lighting illuminates the room which creates a beautiful and bright work environment but leaves virtually no shadows on the clients reflection in the mirror. A spacious closet with individual cubbies and bins is waiting to hold your creative tools.
There's a sound system to help create an upbeat atmosphere or tranquil ambience.

"The Spa"
features two state-of-the-art back-wash units which have tilting sinks and the attached chairs slide forward and backward to accommodate clients of every height. For extra comfort there are custom made foam neck braces and additional seat cushions as well as ottomans to rest your legs on. The lighting can be set to accommodate the desired mood. There are counter tops for mixing color and a third sink for cleaning dishes etc. There are bleach proof towels for color, shampoo towels as well as client robes. Shampoo, conditioner, color bowls and brushes, whisks, gloss bottles, paper towel and candles are provided as well.

"The Bathroom"
is unusually big and has a window (and toilet paper of plenty;)

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