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Oct 24, 2003
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I came up with what i thought at the time to be a brillient idea! That was to hold a manicure party at someones house. Ok and? i hear you thinking!!!
Well what i thought was the hostess can have a free manicure or the equivalent price reduction on a treatment of her choice...excellent... one happy hostess.

Now my problem is that i have got 4 maybe 5 ladies turning up this evening all expecting to have a half hour manicure each @ £10.00. There will be wine, nibbles and of course gossip (would we?) whilst they are waiting for their turn.

Help! what do i give them for £10.00? in hour an hour?
How does this sound: cuticles, file and polish? (that takes me half an hour) or cuticles, file and exfoliate/hand massage? No polish. Do you think this is ok?

I am new to my business and i am finding there are so many variations for performing a manicure/pedicure that i could do everything to everyone i love it so much!

Time is a BIG facter here because my guess the ladies will not want to go into the wee hours of the morning with this!!!

Love any tips or ideas you can give me please before 6pm if possible!!!!!
I Dont Know If You Have Any Spa Manicure Products/solar Manicure?
If You Do You Can Incorporate This Into A Half Hour Manicure. The Solar Manicure Range Is For Just That!
Exfoliate Hands And Arms With The Solar Manicure, Remove With Hot Towels, Massage With Solar Butter, And A Quick File And Polish, Remember To Take Lots Of Retail Items, If You Dont Sell It To Them They Will Go Somewhere Else And Buy It. There Is No Nicer Feeling Than Thinking You Will Get £10 Per Lady And You Get Double Or More!!!!

Take Lots Of Solar Oil A Sure Seller!
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ahh! this sounds like a good idea. i do kids nail art parties and ladies - with mini manicure ie; nail shape/cuticle work and polish if required....
but i had a lady into day and she said oh well i would like a party but not that one so i said she could have a manicure free and then i would take retail items (a bit like a bodyshop- where hostess gets treatment) but your idea soulds great with them all having 1/2 hour i guess i could add that if they want it on the night i would give them a 1/2 manicure for £10.00 or 10% off a full manicure at a later appointment... thanks for this hope it works well let me know how it goes...
Hi.... I agree with the other comments.... they all know what polish looks like and have no doubt all worn it!! BUT..... they may not have experienced the relaxing, pampering, stimulating-to-the-senses spa manicure (or solar manicure) with a lovely hand and arm massage!

They really will feel they've got their moneys worth and go away telling all their family, friends and work colleagues how wonderful it was! Then they will have to come to you and experience the same so as not to miss out!!

You could always finish with an enamel..... or you could sell little gift packs which contain an enamel and a mini solar oil or solar butter.... If you do a solar manicure then you could have the mini solar oil, solar butter and solar manicure (although I'm not sure if Creative do the manicure in minis) in little gift bags that you can retail to them..... so they can pamper themselves at home! They also sell the little samples of the spa manicure which you could also put into gift bags with other bits and pieces...... the options are endless!

While the other ladies are waiting you could have samples of some of your other products out so they can test them..... that will get them tempted!

Hope it goes well..... I've yet to take the plunge and do something like this myself so good for you!

xx Tamm
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