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Sep 3, 2003
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sorry haven't got the hang of this site yet it just wiped my stuff off i was asking i was wondering if any one can help i'm after some price on how much to charge for manicures i am going into a tanning salon in about 2 weeks and not shore on price also on a shape and polish the nail salon in town charges £15 for a shape and polish that i think is high for cornwall isnt it help
cheers vicky
Hi there & welcome to the board.

I work part time from home and charge £8 for a 'file & polsih', hope that helps. :p
hi ya...cant speak for cornwall, but £15 does sound steep for a polish...i live in the north and charge £8.50 which i must say is the 2nd dearest in town, they start here from £5.50, highest at the mo is £ manicures range from £13 for a scentsations manicure and £16.50 for a solardrench manicure and £16.50 for a spamanicure, u can go to deluxe which includes paraffin wax and hot mitts for an extra fiver...vicx

I charge £13 which includes cuticle file and paint.

Take care

Cazza :D :D
just a shape and polish no cutical work £5 or a manicure incl hand and arm massage £14 or spa manicure £20
nickki jonesx
thanks for all your help i now have a rough idea on what to charge
thanks vicky
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