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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
after my recent 'problems!!!' with babtac.. it got me thinking... i should do another mani/pedi course... now, do creative do one.. if not where can i go... local college do a mani and make up !!! why not mani and pedi? localish private college do 4 day mani/pedi for 400.00 does this sound resonable... i get confused(!!! not difficult) i paid 690 for a gel course over 3 1/2 days which is pretty useless...dont even use the gel stick to fabric#. was booked to do vtct at local college but they have cancelled that day course and i cant do evenings ..every week for 35 weeks. due to hubby work commits.... seen home correspondence course with essex beauty college for 125.00 but is this more money down looks very promising..or should i start rom scraatch on a creative four day jobby....over to you experts ....
hmmm not sure how close you are to milton keynes(i hated geography :oops: ) but the iona (institute of nail artistry) are situated in salisbury and one in milton keynes.

they are training schools run by jacqui jefford -Sailsbury ( :salute: :thumbsup: /the untouchables )and anne swain .-milton keynes

now they do manicure courses

introducation to manicure (1 day)£75 +vat
skills workshop-manicure (1 day ) £75 +vat

and the same for pedicures

there are loads off different courses to do there
skill workshops

form fitting
trouble shooting
competition workshops
+ loads more

business workshops

nail art classes

airbrushing classes

NVQ workshops

salisbury 01722335598
email [email protected]

milton keynes01908282814
[email protected]

Im sure they will send out a prospectus to you

hope this helps
i have that... cos thats where i did my fabric# training at mk...
what is fabric training please? :oops:
Hi Dye

Fabric# is the brand name for Designers Nails (CND) fibreglass system. Therefore, Fabric training would suggest that she has been trained using the Fabric# system :D

hi adele,
thanks for getting back to me. i thought it was fibre glass but assuming is what gets people into trouble
love dye
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