Manicures and pedicures - mobile therapists


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Mar 12, 2010
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I've come across a few problems when performing these treatments professionally in a clients home.
The most common problems are: Having not enough space, comfort or light.
Dare I ask......
How do you do yours?
I'm mobile anymore it when I was I used to work from my bag and have it organised accordingly in order of what I would need first. I also used to take multiple bags so if I was only doing a pedicure I would only take those things into the house. I used to always hAve a small desk lamp and extension plug, also I used to take a small cubed cushion to either sit on or place their legs on depending on the hight of the chairs. Hope it helps a bit x

I got this lamp which is probably one of my favourite bits of kit, it folds up so small it just sits in my bag without taking up too much space.
Otherwise I just have to get creative, I've sat on a clients floor to do a pedicure, wasn't comfortable for me at all but it was fine for my client.
Being mobile there are always going to be space and comfort issues I think we just have to work around them the best we can
Thank you! I'm going to buy that lamp!