marbling disaster!


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Feb 27, 2004
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cleveland, UK
Had a go at marbling today, or should i say several goes!!! It seemed to work ok on 'tester' nails, but when i tried it on my own nails, the varnish seemed to 'set' in the water as soon as i dropped it in the water.

Any ideas why this might have happened? I rent space in a sunbed salon, and wasn't sure if the heat caused things to go wrong. I just can't understand why it worked on the nail tips, but not on my own.

Layla has step by step on her web site, did you use cold water?
Hi i have just tried the marbeling technique on Layla's website and it was so easy to follow. I can relate to what your saying as to what happens to the polish in the water. I also found that if you didn't work quite quickly the polish seemed to set in the water.

i got round this by making sure the polish colours i wanted to use were all open ready, then dropped them into the water one at a time on top of each other as they spread, then using the cocktail stick, only swish it gently in the middle area of the polish as the outside edge of your pattern tends to form a skin. (which you then end up dragging and picking up all the polish in a lump.)

Once the nail has been dipped you have to use the stick to separate the excess polish or you pick the whole lot up again. I do find you have to work quickly so to get the best effect.

Hope this helps, full instructions on the web site,

lots of other stuff on there too!
I did use cold water, yes,and i can't seem to get that link to work!! i'll try it again with tepid/warm water and see what happens! it did seem to set5 really quickly, but i dont think i helped things by dragging the outer colour into the other polishes, cos that seemed to set first! Gonna have another go tonight!!
thanks for that new link! Layla makes it sound so easy tho!! :p
Hi Kitkat2004,

when you use a cocktail stick to marble the nail varnish don't touch the outer edge as you then pull the whole lot into a blob. (as you probably found out) Only touch within the splodge of varnish as that stays relatively moveable,

hope this helps:D
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