Marco !!!!!!!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well done Marco, Nail Technician of the year....................
Congratulations you deserve this so much !!!!!!!!!
Fab nails , Fab Salon and a Fab guy !!!!!!!!!!

Got this hot gossip, of the guys that went to the awards last night..............
My god there where some blurry eyed peeps about pmsl...............

So again Well done Marco
We geeks love ya !!!!!!!
Hi Ruth,

Any idea where he came in winner of winners?
Love Paula xx

You deserve it ;) :green:
LOL no good asking me lol...................I am still numb and shakey after yesterday........
I only know this because I bumped into Denise Wright lol.................
but I am sure we will all find out ....................
Well done Marko you deserve every bit of that win and cheers for the selotape babe it was just lucky for me I was sat next to a very organised guy in the comp.

Take care
Dawnie xx
All I can say is that I am very proud. Your support is appreciated and we all are looking forward to builiding on the salons double success and developing an award winning training academy with Creative Nail Academy Birmingham

Loads of bigs thanks


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Hope it helped with your competetion. Organised I was a complete mess!!!!

The fun is the experience, getting involved in competetions makes you a better salon tech from tips to toes!!!!!!


I came 5th out of 8 entries. I agreed with this position having quickly scanned the other competitors. It is all about the day and I produced a great set of salon nails. It also gave me a great opprtunity to see the top three and further emphasised the importance of a good hand model at this level. I would like to congratulate Nikki Portway for taking first in Sculpts. Before the results of the competetion were called out she asked me how I had done I said 4th or 5th then turned to Nikki and said I think you have won with them. Afterwards she asked if I was psychic I didn't know the answer to that one!!!!
Feel very good today so thanks loads.

Im chuffed for ya mate! I can say that as i was the judge!!!!!!!!

You did my nails 3 weeks ago and they only just need a re-balence, so i thought i would drive for 4 hours again, and get lost, again, so you can do my nails and take the **** out of me, again, as i have 3 sugars in my coffee!!

Seriously, you have a great team Marco, you and the girls deserve it.
I must agree with everyone here. Although I don't personally know you I do know Rachel and she told told me she had a fantastic time with you and the girls and her nails were gorgeous.

Well done for both your awards even if you was lazy and didn't speak much!!! Lee Hurst's words - not mine!!!

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