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Tess Warwick

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Mar 18, 2010
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Has anyone made any use of 'Small Business Marketing for Dummies'?
Wondering it it's worth buying?
Saw lots of people have looked but no body put anything down...I haven't but found a really good how to twitter book in the library, so may suggest saving a few pennies and buying a bottle to take home and read it there. And I liked richard bransons screw it lets do it (quite motivational)... I think I only like him coz his son it hot but thats changing the topic isn't it!

I read all the trade mags I can get my hands on and then this site is amazing too!
I've not read that book but I could probably give you some pointers if you tell me what element of marketing you are interested in I have a 1 page marketing format that works for me.
Thanks Zoe and Alexis ...
Nothing in particular ... I've worked for myself for the last 30-odd years but I'm always open to new ideas. I spotted the book on Amazon and I was curious if anyone else had seen it.
Got it and I wouldn't bother with it. In fact, if you wanted mine, your welcome to it. I think you would learn more stuff from the web and from of the lovely people on this site, that would be much more relevant.

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