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Shelley Clarke

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Jan 19, 2004
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I had a lady come in the other day who'd had acrylic's done in a salon in town. She asked me to have a look at them as there seemed to be lines underneath the acrylic and some really red line marks near the cuticle. I asked her if they'd used electric files and she said they had. The tip of the nail was fine but the nail bed looks to me like its damaged. I said i couldn't really tell unless i took the extensions off to have a proper look. Has anyone else come across this? Could it be caused by anything else? Do you think i'd be right to remove them and have a proper look?

the salon where i get my nails done have training people there and i experienced this problem on my own nails. they use electric files to. I just have a overlay on my natural nail and my nails were runied! But now there stronger!
they could be fill lines under the acrylic and the redness due to excess filing, i would remove them as you dont know what l&p they have been using :eek:
I think in the right hands electric files are fine :)
But maybe this one wasnt in the right hands, I would suggest you remove the enhancements and check the damage.
Thanks for all your replies. Some lines i do think are infill lines although the ones which were really red looked like damage to the nail plate. I too have nothing against e-files in the right hands. I've never been trained to use them and never would without the proper training.

Just one more question - if she wants them re-done and some of the nail plate is damaged would you re-do them or not? I personally don't think she should have them done. Any advice appreciated.


If the nail plate has been damaged by excessive filing what would you do? I'm going to remove the acrylics and assess the damage to the nail plate.
I personally would advise her to leave the acrylics off. Maybe have regular manicures until the nail plate is good. But would be grateful if anyone could advise on this. If the lady wants the acrlyics redone would you reapply them?

I think the nick name for these red lines around the cuticle used to be called rings of fire, sounds to me that over filing with the drill may have caused these lines. This doesnt always happen with drills but only if the user is over filing with it and it is probably during the fill/rebalance where they occur at the cuticle.
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