Marvelscara, has anyone tried it?


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Apr 18, 2012
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Notts UK
Hi everyone I was wondering have any geeks tried the new marvelscara yet ?
I have just trained in Marvelscara and i have to say i absolutely hand on heart LOVE it!.

I have been reading every thread on here possible and I understand why people dont like it - technicians and clients, but I believe (and please dont all shoot me for having my opinion) but i wonder if its mis-sold to clients? Im not saying we are lying to them, but perhaps clients believe its going to give them something its not?

I usually say to my nails clients for example, 'how would you like to have mascara stay on for 3 weeks?' and they say ' ohh yes please, book me in!'

Its mascara and looks like mascara and is in every way.....mascara! I have it on now and it looks like mascara that i dont have to put on, wipe off or fiddle about with for 3 weeks and for someone like me, i love it.
I like regular mascara, but i hate taking it off. call me lazy, but its true and even when i take it off, i still get black eyes in the morning.

Its not for EE clients as it doesnt really lengthen, its just mascara, but some do like to try as an alternative.

Its very easy to apply and very easy not to clump up which i think spoils the look and i wonder if clients are not happy with the way its applied by technicians (only a thought)?

Anyway, I have 8 bookings so far in just a few days and clients and friends are coming back. so for me its great.

I love the feel of it as i cant really feel it on my lashes anyway, only if i rub it, but why would i do that? its feels only like i have regular mascara on and very comfortable and light weight. I think if more than 2 coats were applied, then we would get the hard crunchy effect that everyone talks about.

Bottom line - would i do it again? YES!
how much do you charge a client for this product?
what happens if you do rub your eyes in shower?
and also can it be anygood for you eyelashes if you have mascara on for 3 weeks?
Also how and when does it come off do your clients need to come back to you to take it off?
sorry for so many questions!
Hi Charlie_c_06

Here goes:
I live in Norwich (Norfolk) and although Marvel recommend £30-60 depending on location, Im selling at £25 per treatment and that includes removing for free if a client comes back for a top up. I think £30 is too much and too much for my area. I wouldnt pay £30, but i would pay £25 and i think as its just mascara and not EE, £25 is right and i have lots of clients who are willing to pay that - especially before a holiday.

I have showers each day and thoroughly wash my face in the shower with dermalogica microfoliant and have no problems. I wouldnt advise rigorously rubbing as I personally would normally, but just gently wash eyes in a downward motion so not to rub the lashes which will cause the mascara to flake before it should do. Its no trouble and maintainance at all in the shower - in my opinion.

Why cant lashes have mascara on them for 3 weeks ish? Its similar glue to the glue used for EE and they are sometimes on for longer, so why not. Why do we keep shellac and extensions on for 2-4 weeks? I dont think there is any harm done, unless a client picks and pulls which is beyond our control anyway.

Its removed with glue in the same way you would remove any remaining EE.
If a client rebooks after 3 weeks (lasts 2-3weeks plus depending on care) you would remove any remaining mascara with remover, and apply fresh.
You cant layer over, i would recommend removing old stuff and applying fresh.
The beauty of this, is that when a client gets to the 3 weeks stage and its looking a little bare, they just coat their lashes with regular mascara until it all comes out - thats if they are bothered with the sparseness of it.
They can have it romoved by us, or just let it all come off and apply regular mascara to cover it if they want too.
If you lose a few EE's, then it looks odd and the client is temped to 'remove' themselves resulting in pulling lashes out.

This is also a tint btw as it colours fair lashes dark, so no need for an actual tint before EE for example!

The course is cheap and cheap enough to buy and try. As i do EE already, i only had to buy the glue and fibres and i had everything needed (gel pads, tweezers etc etc)
I have made my money back already and for me, 6 clients breaks me even and any more clients is now 100% profit as the service is low cost per client for me too.

Hope that helps.
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great thanks so much for your advice will defo e doing this course! :)
It sounds the same as cry baby and mascara but I think the way it's been sold is good to say how would you like your mascara to stay on for 3 weeks is a good way to let people know what they ate getting xxx
yes, i agree.
Its mascara, just mascara and IS actually mascara, but you dont fuss and fart about with it each day.

Dont over sell and client will not over expect.

I love mine and keep removing and replacing when necessary.

I wear makeup but not during the day as hate all the fuss, but this is soooo for me, so its a winner and cheap to train, cheap to buy more product and good profit margin.

Whats not to like?"
Got my training next week, really can't wait.
Morning peeps,

Can I ask who you are all training with
Glad I've seen this post... I had mine done on Saturday and love it too..
Im in two minds to do the course (in two weeks time) as i only found negative on it..
I also can't understand why it's not popular lol!
Just thought I would bump this topic.

Who are you ladies training with I you don't mind me asking.

I'm going to Sally's in Cambridge for my course...
Only booked it today :-/
I'm going to Sally's in Cambridge for my course...
Only booked it today :-/

Really! I have one of those in Canterbury. I know you can't post the cost of things on here but would you mind private messaging me what you paid :)

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