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I did a City & Guilds in Beauty Therapy which covered Manicure and Pedicure units. I found it to be a really good cuoice of course to go for, it was really hard and indepth. I have since done a creative spa manicure which is also excellent and covers products better and what products! they are just wow.
There are a few good text books out there that will cover what you need, unfortunately I can`t tell you what mine is called because I`ve lent it out to another geek
Without a doubt, Spa manicure and pedicure are the best! You can go on a course to learn how to use the products and it includes basic massage. You can also get help from the Encyclopedia of Nails, page 188 onwards. Its has great diagrams and breaks it down step by step. :D

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Feb 8, 2003
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hi, silly question day...sorry...
sleepless night has made me ask this question.. after all the hoohaa with babtac (who incidentally now tell me they will insure me on my alessandro qualification and have refund my payment - thanks for the letter/advice ruthie) i started to worry (ok ok 'continued') to worry about my manicure/pedicure treatments... i am happy with how i do them and confident in them but i do not incorporate massage... this lead me to search for a manicure pedicure course to do fro scratch... which i have just received a home course in however i find the areas i felt i needed more knowledge in are massage /disorders/polish applications.. but the course has come and the whole section on disorders are photocopies BADLY from a text book the pictures are not clear and the text starts at the margin of the page and runs off so the sentence don't make sense!!!!" there are no pics or diagrams of massage techniques and nothing on polish application. the course will give me a qualification in manicure and pedicure recognized but ifeel that i want to actually learn it not just have a piece of paper to say i know it!!! if you get what i mean. so my question is or are do you all do a massage during manicure pedicure
where did you train where ca n i find a course that incorporates all that i need. or am i worrying uneccessarily
Hi, I did the Star Nails 'BellaMani' one day manicure coarse and despite not thinking much of their nail extension training, I did really learn alot from this one. It might be a cheaper option than the Creative coarse if monies an issue(?) although I want to do the Ceative Spa too.
I always include a massage in my manicures and Pedicures and think thats one of the main pleasures of both treatments (or so I've been told!). It only envolves basic efflourage movements so a bit of practise and bingo!! You can make more of the massage on the Deluxe treatments, making it last longer and add a few extra movements!
I'm sure there are plenty of books about massage or nail technology at the library you could look into until you get on a coarse.
Good luck anyhoooo!
Well I have to say that for me, a manicure or pedicure without plenty of massage is like a 'hug without a squeeze'!!

Creative Spa
classes are FREE when you purchase the kit!! Don't think you can get a much better offer than that! It is a lovely class and the Massage techniques are explained fully. Massage from a book?? There is a lot more to performing a massage than just the 'moves' ... your state of mind when you perform the massage is also very important as how you are feeling is passed through your fingers to the client.

Your own posture is also very important so that you stay relaxed during the treatment and don't strain your body (especially during pedicures).

Nothing is better than a class to teach you these things believe me a good class makes all the difference.
Am doing this on Wednesday cant wait, although I am fully qualified in manicure and pedicure techniques etc, I want to be able to offer Spa Manicure and Pedicures in my salon.

Am doing the course at Milton Keynes, I will let you all know how I get on.

Jue ;)
yes please as that is where i would do it... mk ....

am i right in thinking though that my alessandro qualification is not enough for a spa mani/ spa pedi.......
Your allessandro qualification should be sufficient.
Sawasdee ka

Geeg have every thing number 1 she say in Thailand i have certificate for 50 hour learn school with foot massage .

After you learn when you do every time you make better and your hands stronger .

With foot massage it not just sit and massage feet you have to learn how use your body and hands .

Thai massage we have schools many in Thailand the thai ministry of education them make school we have famous school in bangkok wat po temple many people farang and thai go learn there number 1 and then go back there country .

In my auntie shop have lady learn wat po and them teach and have many old lady do foot massage many year i go 1 time 1 week have foot or thai massage my auntie shop and everything my body good .

Kop khun ka mui
Hi Jen

The course was absolutely fantastic today, Anne Swain was lovely and very helpful with advice about the Spa services and about acrylics too.

We have also been invited along to the Open Day on 30 November, which I will definately be attending.

I even talked to Anne today about doing my Masters after Xmas and she said she would help me in the areas that I am having problems with ie tips, flat and fan nails.

I would highly recommend the products to everyone as I felt totally pampered when I left Milton Keynes today.

I even managed to get some Metro powders, and the Nail Artistry book as well, so am going to have a little play with them on Friday ready for my salon opening on Saturday.

Jue ;)
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