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Mar 15, 2003
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are any other masters doing the art contest with the mosaics? Want to share pictures and ideas, after april 1 of course ;)
none of you are doing this? there are so many of you that rock at art! what's up?
Can't speak for the USA gals, but we didn't get anything here - I think it was just for the domestic market. :(
What is the contest about......I must ave been sleeping.
my mum is a judge and I didn't know about this - where the hell have I been :?: :?: ;)
roflmao, mrs geek, is your mom Gigi then the co founder of designer nails? I got the nails done and pics taken last night, I hope to get the pictures back tuesday night and pop them in the mail wednesday! I am soooooo excited, they took me ages to create, some stuff I could do ahead of time, then when I got ahold of my model it took me 5 hours to complete the work on her then 2 hours more for pics. I am a bit tired this morning but on a major just hope they look as good in the pic as I think they will....very nervous about the contest! :D
I can not wait to see them. I think I am almost as excited as you are:bouncy: Good Luck!
FingerNailFixer said:
roflmao, mrs geek, is your mom Gigi then the co founder of designer nails? :D

Yes she is!! Infact she is the total reason of where we are to day within the UK industry. Way-ta-go ma!!! x 8)
:D he he he....I have it done! I just used my handy dandy tracking number and I see that the pictures were signed for on March 31 the day before deadline. :goal: I sent the best pics of course but I will share as similar as I have with you. First I want to fill you in, I am not near so artistic as a lot on the board and what I can do is no where near the caliber of what creative is most likely looking for and I am well aware of that, but creating these nails and doing the photo shoot was the most fun I have ever had doing nails and I am dying to do it again until I become good at it. For what my abilities are, I am very proud of these nails. I would love to hear your constructive criticisms, as I would like to better myself and eventually be what they would look for. I just wanted to warn you so that you didn't expect something figured I should post them in the art section so you can find it there!! :rainbow:
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