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May 12, 2003
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I have been a nail tech for 1 year now and I was just wondering about my Masters.

Do you get information sent out to you, saying that you are ready to take your Masters? Or do you just call up and apply?

Obviously I don't want to apply if I am not meant to yet, but at the same time I don't know how it works, and knowing me I'd just wait around because I daren't ask! :biggrin:

I want to do some 1-2-1's first, but then I think I will be ready.

Any advice???????
Whenever you feel you need to know more 'in depth' information and fine tune your skills, then you are ready for Master Classes.

It isn't about your being good enough to take them ... that is what they are for, to take you forward from your foundation Learning to the next level.
You do not need 121 first. The classes will tweak up everything you are already doing and help you to do it better.

You need to ring the education office. They will not ring you as it is your individual choice ... But to build a business on just foundation learning is not enough. You need to go up a notch now that you have some experience.

You know the saying? "Keep doing what you are doing and you'll only get what you've got!! Time to step outside your comfort zone and move on.
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