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Sep 3, 2003
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HI all
can anyone help ?
i have done my L&P course also i have done fabric# and the faze gel course with creative i don't fill ready to do my masters in L&p yet will this cause any problems with me working as i am going into a tanning salon in a few weeks to start work there doing nail i don't want people to think i'm not qualified or is this the case do i need to do my masters before i start work

cheers vic
hi ya Vic dont panic :D Firstly i note that you have done l&P, Fabric# and Faze gel with creative thats fine hun as long as you check out where you stand on the insurance side of things. Are you going to be working on the self employed side of things in the salon in which case i should imadgen that the salon you are working in would require you to organise your own insurance which is very easily done. Alternativley if they are employing you i would think that they have insurance covered but you would still need to check that they do.
Master Classes are to do as an add on to your education they will make you the best you can be in terms of education as you cover three separate classes before taking your final masters exam. hope its helped think i have it all round the right way ;) nickki jonesx
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