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Apr 18, 2012
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Tyne and Wear
hi geeks

just wondering how easy most of you extensionists find it to match light blonde hair. I am never completely happy with the matches. the customer is always fine this is just me being particular maybe.

I use a few different suppliers. the hardest match I find is the customers who have bleach blonde hair and also use blue shampoo. Even the 613 looks too gold next to their hair. and the 60 which is meant to be platinum does too. I mostly use a blend of the 2.

anyone else find this with blondes and do you have any friendly tips?
Are you a hairdresser hun? If you are you can try a toner x
Im not a hairdresser I'm a barber so I have basic colour knowlege but not enough to start doing toners. it's just annoying that the lightest blonde 613 is still golden in comparison to bleach blonde hair.
does anyone else find this? or can anyone suggest a supplier that does a White blonde?
A colleague of mine used to use the blue shampoo on her 613 extensions to remove the yellow tones. She only had to do it once and it had the desired effect. I would imagine though that you would have to be very careful that the extension hair didn't 'grab' the blue tone as it is already highly processed to achieve the 613 colour - definately do some strand tests first!

HTH xx
i find them yellowy too, but then i use indian remy so i think even with all the processing its hard to get rid of the yellow tones, maybe using european or russian hair may be better for blondes?? as its not so processed and more natural blondes if that makes sence im not very good at expaining :)
I must have ginxed myself for putting this thread on. my customer is nit complaining, well she has her mam complaining that the hair doesn't match and they want a refund.

I explained that she was happy to go ahead with the hair at the time and I can't offer a refund now the hair is been worn. I have explained that a toner can be used or I would take them out free of charge. but no, I'm being told I'll get took to a small claims court over this by the mother.

it's really upset me as I feel I explained at the colour match that bleach blonde is hard to match and the customer said it was fine she always had this problem with her clip ins and was happy to just use her blue shampoo on them. also since the consultation the customer had bleached her hair again and so it was even whiter than at her colour match. however now the customer and the mother say it was just the roots that had been done.

so what should I do now? surely there is no small claims against me if I've explained all this and the customer still went ahead..........

I will post the picture soon to show the difference as I take pictures of all my work incase anything like this happens
Oh no thats awful for you :( I cant see how she would get anywhere when she was happy to go ahead. Did she tell u she was dying her hair inbetween? Hope u can sort it out xx
When I had white hair I used 613 and then washed them with clynol blue shampoo or just used a toner to match up xx
she seemed familiar with the fact that the 613 extensions needed to be washed with the blue shampoo. so I just reiterated that they would need to be washed with this after 3 days of letting the bonds settle.

I was shocked with the way she is reacting especially when she seemed like she understood how to blend them in. I also offered to do the hair myself with a toner ( after taking advice from my friend who is a ladies hairdresser). but she seems to want no other solution but a refund. I can't keep repeating myself to her that I can't do that as she is wearing the hair........

the girl admitted to me that she coloured her hair before I got there to fit the hair and said she took the bleach all the way through to get rid of any yellow tones, but when I mentioned this her mam is saying it should not have made a difference as she used the same colour as before. it's like banging my head against a brick wall.

when this happens it really knocks your confidence- even though I explained everything to her during consultation.
have you heard anymore from them hun?? hope u managed to sort it out, definately knocks your confidence
I started getting threatened it's awful so I've resorted to ignoring their texts. by the sounds of it they attempted to dye it and it's turned out worse so she was putting the pictures online to blacken my work etc!

I can't offer them any more advice than I did and I was under the impression that the girl was happy when I left as she said she was. it's put me off totally. but I couldn't be dealing with threats, this is the downside to dealing with customers tho.

thanks for your input tho geeks it made me feel better to hear that everyone advised the same as I thought where hair is bleached White compared to the extensions......

I will put the pic on now and please be honest if anyone feels I did put the hair in if it was to badly the wrong colour but I honestly think it's a good enough match ........ considering the hair had been bleached again since I matched the colour
oh no :( they have no right to threaten you, pop the piccie on but im sure its not that bad!!!
I hope they soon calm down and dont start gobbing off to everyone!! grrr
i feel for you i really do! xx
i cant seem to upload the picture it says its failed:sad:
have you got photobucket? you can upload to there and then copy and paste the img code (i think its that one to this thread and it should appear)

just testing if a pic is here then thats right lol
I will try photo bucket now. thanks girls
her hair is very white! BUT she should not have dyed it after you had colour matched! - i would stick with that and say that the colour match was fine before she dyed it and thats the reason why its off colour, and that she was happy when you left her after fitting. And to as already been advised to apply a toner or silver shampoo x

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