Matrix Hair Show in NYC


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Sep 11, 2003
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Mission Viejo, California
Hey all, I was able to go to the hair show here in New York yesterday. It was incredible! This is the first show I've ever been to. Of course, every product line was represented there, and you just gotta love the wholesale prices!! I went as a model for Matrix, it was so much fun! The cut and colored my hair on stage. I just love it! There were so many people there, it was so packed! Now I'm dying to go to the Hair and Nail show in Las Vegas in May. :eek: I wish I could go, they have a ton more nail stuff. Anyways, sooo much fun!
parkyojin sawasdee ka

You are so lucky i know about this show i am searching internet now to try and find hair for hair exstension for my salon 1 lady in America help me find web site but i email the company 4 time and they not send me 1 email :rolleyes: .

Mui from Thailand
which company was it? that's pretty rude of them!
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