Maximist compact or HVLP 700


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Jun 11, 2012
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south wales
Hi Im new to spray tanning and have my course booked in for the end of the month. The training provider is offering a maximist compact with tent and 1 litre of solution , i have looked at different websites and on the OMG website they are offering a starter kit with a HVLP 700 with tent and 3 litres of tan. They are also doing an offer for the TS20 that i have read alot about on the forums. Really not sure which one to go for? or what the OMG tanning solution is like?

Also does anyone know the difference between the maximist lite and compact?

Any help would be appreciated thanks x

(have updated post as i have just read on another post that you are not allowed to put prices - sorry didn't realise before)
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