TS20 HVLP spray tan gun


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Aug 4, 2018
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I have been using this machine for about 1 year now. I've only really started to get busy with tans for the past 3/4 months. Before this I only did a few a week.

I clean my gun thoroughly every 3 or 4 tans or after every tan if I only have 1 booked in that day.

It has started to leak from near where the trigger is and the top of the pot.
where the solution is.

I nipped into LA Tan this week and the very helpful gentleman gave me a device to tighten the screw which has helped somewhat but still finding its leaking a bit?

Also the tan has started to drip in areas which it has never before in the past I'm wondering if I've moved the dial at the back when cleaning by accident but can't remeber the setting I had it before as there are no numbers it's just a screw. Does anyone know where it should sit so the flow is just right? Do i need to turn it clockwise or anti clockwise? I'm also wasting so much tan using about 70-80ml for clients at the min where as before I was between 50-60ml. Was just getting my confidence up with tans and now I feel disheartened. I've started to really dislike this machine but also wondering if it's just me and my technique/the settings egg.

Is there a better machine I should purchase now I'm doing more tans? Is the maximist better?

TIA for any advice offered
Mimes just done this my hubby is going to look at it to nigjt for me. If i sort it will ket you no. Ive beem told it cN be the seal the white things at top ive veen told to get new ones x
Turn your dial clockwise till it stops. Now make a little mark where 12 o clock would be with nail varnish. Now turn it anti clockwise so the little mark is at about where the number 8 would be on a clock xx
Thanks so much ladies. I was thinking it might be the white seal at the top. Great idea about marking it. Will try both suggestions. Thanks again

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