Medication affect gel polish?


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Feb 21, 2012
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A client has booked in to have her nails but when she had them before (gel ll) she said the product crumbled and peeled off after a few days. She said she went back where she had them
And the therapist asked if she was on medication which she replied yes (she has a over or under active thyroid and takes medication for this) the therapist says this may be the reason it did not last. Does anyone know much about this and wether this could be the reason?

She had shellac on before and said this was fine, so am not sure why the shellac is ok but not gel ll.

I do both at my salon and said to have shellac done if it was ok before and I was thinking about putting Brisa smoothing gel on first- then two colour coats and two tops (she asked if there is something I can put under it to strengthen her nails as they are flimsy and weak) do you think this would be ok?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Kayla x
Yes certain medications contraindicative

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