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Apr 3, 2006
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Sunny South West England
HI, I am a mature lady who has trained with essential nails gel tip and overlay, home study and I work pt in a salon and as a mobile technician. I'm thinking of changing to another system and product and interested in further training locally. Doesn't seem to be too many opportunities for nail training in this part of the world.

Because of the geography of the county, it's difficult to meet other people who like to talk and do each others nails! If you are a like minded tech who'd like to practice (give it a go) on another techie and do each other's nails from time to time - it would be great to hear from you.

I am based in Bodmin, Cornwall.
Hi kkeallen

There are lots of us in Cornwall, you just have to know where to look!!

I'm based in Liskeard so not too far from you, my husband works in Bodmin once a week.

I am currently teaching man and ped at st austell but take over nail tech from sept.

my current students (who are all lovely:)) and I will be having an end of term fun get together in a few weeks and you are welcome to meet us all. If you want to pm me I will give you more details:hug:
Creative has an excellent acadamy in Plymouth, which is where I trained.

What training are you looking for exactly?
I am in Devon, but just over the Cornish border so not miles from you!
Would love to meet up and talk nails!!! My family are fed up with hearing about it and would be good to chat and learn from others in person!!

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