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Dec 4, 2003
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I am still not very confident even though I passed all my assesments for Unit 19.
I don't know any other nail techs in my area and was wondering if any would like to meet up to trade tips etc? I'm nail mad and my boyfriend is getting tired of all the nail talk all the time!

I am in Flitwick, Bedfordshire but would love to hear from techs from any where near me or St Albans, Luton or London.
I'll be at excel too.

Sam XX
Hi Sam

I live in Wimbledon, London. I'm going to Excel too, probably on the Sunday as I work full time in an office at the moment (yawn :rolleyes: ).

I'm new to this game too. I'm still doing a part-time Man and Ped course but have also done Creative's 4 day foundation enhancement course. I still need LOADS of practice on that. Poor Handy Andy (practice hand) is going to get a trashing over the next few months!

Perhaps we could meet up at Excel?

Yep that sounds good!
Would to be great to meet some fellow nail geeks.

Sam xx
I've had an idea - i think a couple of us under-confident ones should maybe do a set of nails on eachother then if they 'fall off' or we have problems, then we will be honest about it (unlike some clients) and tell the other person !

Sam x

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