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Hi there,

Thanks for address. Was just wondering what your opinion on gels was? I am trying out a few and must admit I am quite impressed with some of them. I think for clients that lift with acrylic, maybe it is good to offer another servic?? what do you think?
In my opinion, every nail technician should make it a goal to become proficient in ALL systems. Only being able to do and to understand one method of service is limiting and I always wanted to know it all. ;)

Also I LOVE doing all of the systems. I found it 'broke up' the routine of always doing the same thing as well as the fact that some systems work better on come clients than others. I like choices and I like being offered choices.

GELS - have certain atributes that I like and others that I'm not so keen on - which probably goes for all the other systems too! If you ask a gel client why SHE likes it more than another system, you are likely to get one of two answers ... one she likes it because it stays 'shiney' when she removes her polish OR two, she likes it because her nail tachnician ONLY offers the one service and 'bad mouths' other services in hopes that the client will not try anything else! Sorry, but it's true :x

The most positive thing about gel is that they are low odour - which IS an issue in some salons.

The negative aspects - such as discomfort from heat for the client (I know this does not have to be the case always, but is IS often the case none the less) and not being able to remove it easily and creating the most and the finest dust particulates in the salon of any product - can put some would-be users off using it. Also, as clean as I try to be when using gel, I find it hard to avoid getting sticky, which is a chemical hazard to the technician. I would not like to have gel as my ONLY system. :rolleyes:
Hi again, thanks for your prompt reply. regarding gels. It was nice to read that you like doing all the systems. That is exactly how I feel. Although I don't think you can beat a good acrylic CND permanent french, I find that gels sometimes can look more natural and they certainly lift less on myself.

Is gel as strong as acrylic in your opinion. I don't think that any one system is better than the other, they all seem to have their pro's and cons. Is it true that gel is pre-mixed acrylic.??


I always felt that if a client walked through my door and asked for any service (nail service that is :rolleyes: ) that I could perform that service for her.

I too think 'the look' of a beautifully applied CND permanent french is hard to beat, but not everyone wants that look. Do remember that CND has a beautifuil Perfect Soft White powder that is very natural looking for the client that doesn't wish to be so obvious with her nail enhancements. :) there are many choices with CND powders so you can offer a variety.

The strength of gels has been tested many times against Liquid & Powder systems and it has been proven that gel is not as strong ... but it is quite strong enough (depending on the gel of course) for most wearers.

I certainly agree that it is 'horses for courses' with different systems and they all have their pros and cons - overall, L&P seems to be the one that suits 99% of clients, which is why it is so popular. I have also found that the new wrap system Fabric# suits most nail wearers and it is the only wrap system in my opinion that actually looks like a L&P nail and has the strength to suit most wearers when it is applied with skill. :shock:

Gel is acrylic based, but you could not describe it as a pre-mixed acrylic if what you mean is that it is the same as L&P in a pre-mixed form. It is not. Most gels are urethane based which is quite different. It's just not that easy. If it were a pre-mixed L&P then it would have the same characteristics and would soak off easily etc. One day it may be possible.

Thanks for asking!
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