Metallic salts

Discussion in 'Hair' started by JuZz'<3, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. AshLovesTanning
    There is NO metallic salts in XXL Live
  2. Gaynor M
    Metallic salts have always been present when I have tested for incompatibility on XXL Live.
    I have found severe bubbling and heat was generated.
    I have had a client telling me it's ok they have only used it once but looking at the condition of the hair it looks a little more. I can understand why clients want a quick fix of vibrant colour but if they knew the damage to hair they wouldn't use it.
    I've turned my client away with homecare and to return in a few weeks for further tests. Client told me she would go elsewhere. Not my responsibility can only advise.
  3. AshLovesTanning
    I've used XXL live one month and L'Oreal Majirel the next on my hair and no problem.
  4. Gaynor M
    Yeah not saying all hair. My sister has used constantly for 2 years and her hair is do thin and destroyed I've told her after s few weeks of deep conditioning I'm gonna get some nice red quasi with special mix so much kinder in the hair and can get vibrant colours, just her hair so porous I'm not touching for a few weeks. Just trimming and getting it into better shape

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