Micro loop vs tape extensions?


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May 15, 2012
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Hi Guys, Just wondered if any of you could spread some much needed light on this for me?:confused: I would really like to get hair extensions but some of them have had some really bad press as to damage done to the natural hair so I was looking for some quality advice? Thanx xx o p.s i'm new on here so if posted this in wrong place SORRRY!!!!
I would defiantly go for tape extensions! I have thm & Do them and never ever have they damaged anyone's hair! My hair is alot healthier now from them as there is no need to style my natural hair underneath!! They don't pull my hair I can't feel them, they lay flat totje head !! I can't praise them enough just a shame a lot of people don't offer them! :)
hey wow girl you are passionate about these tape in extensions!!! i really like the idea of them, but varies people have kinda been putting me off (boooo) they look fairly easy to apply ( but i'm guessing thats how professionals make things look lol) are they really easy to look after? does the tape not come loose? which do you wear/ recommend? how long do they last??? sorry i am a fountain of questions today!!!:)