Micro needling anaesthetic cream


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Happy new year!
For those that offer micro needling can I ask if you use an anaesthetic cream before hand? In my training it wasnt used and my customers seem to be ok but have seen other places using a cream. Is my training incorrect in not using an anaesthetic before the treatment? Thanks


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You shouldn’t need to use one, it’s uncomfortable but clients should be able to tolerate it, try no deeper than 0.5 x


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Depending on how deep you go. We offer mini micro - around 0.25 which requires no anaesthesia. We then also do proper micro - going as deep as 2.5 for pitted acne scarring, but mostly 1.75 being the upper limit (its a dr based practice) - definitely needs anaesthetic cream. I frequently also advice basic painkillers right before topical anaesthetic is applied - as most start working within 20-30 mins. Not everyone bothers with this but for some clients - it really helps. The way I see it - every little helps - why experience pain if you don't have to. We even give them squeezy balls!


I don't use topical and use MCA to target any scarring and pitting so only working deeper in small, targeted areas. Some discomfort, great results with minimal down time.

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I don't offer any numbing cream, even though I trained with it. It is not required. If people can undergo waxing, they can tolerate microneedling haha. I even have a client with scarring and we don't numb. She's aware that for a short amount of time it will be uncomfortable.
I don't have a link but someone on one of the Facebook microneedling support groups linked a paper that actually stated that numbing cream has an undesired impact on microneedling - it really made sense when you look at science behind what topical anaesthetic does to the skin.

If you weren't trained with it, you might need to check that your insurance will allow the use.