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May 8, 2013
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Hi All, I qualified about 18 years ago with a nvq3 and worked in laser clinics for my working life. I stopped working 7 years ago when I had twins and our family moved to Singapore. I am increasingly thinking I want some financial independence from my husband and am thinking about providing micro current in the future as a treatment. I loved this treatment at college (London college of beauty therapy). I think I could afford a second hand caci classic machine and have looked at the silhouette dermalift. I can see from looking online that the caci has new white machines and older grey machines. Is there much difference between them? And how long does a treatment take? Also does anyone know if going to train with caci in the uk is absolutely necessary? I am still based in Singapore so this would be almost impossible (I’ll be back in the uk at Christmas in 2 years time). Alternatively is the dermalift comparable to caci? I can see the machines are a bit cheaper. Any advice appreciated. Also I’ve never been a sole therapist and would be a bit scared of starting out on my own, any tips. Thanks for reading 🙂
You could look at Bio-therapeutic for your micro-current treatments.
I've used them since they launched many years ago. Good results and clients book for it regularly.

Hi have a look into Silhouette Microface Non surgical face lift. They have excellent training and the machines are well priced. Results are amazing and Customer service is second to none and they train around the world (not sure about Singapore) good luck 🤞

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