Micro rings/brain surgery!


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Apr 4, 2012
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west yorkshire
Hi everyone,

I have just been contacted by a lady who has very recently had brain surgery. She has quite short hair and is wanting micro ring extensions to cheer her up a bit as shes not feeling very confident in her appearance lately. I would love to help give her a boost but i am extremely wary about fitting them, especially as she has had her head cut open! Ive agreed to a consultation with her with the intention of talking to her about waiting a while. What is your opinion on this... Need help!x
Im new here but thought I would reply anyway :biggrin:

Personally I wouldnt touch it. Her scar will be quite fresh and you wouldnt want any pulling on there at all...plus chance of infection might be very high.

Aw bless her, could she not wear a wig or a hair piece for now?

Steph x
Thanks for your reply. Yeah i agree totally, just feel really harsh as shes so down about it and i really want to help. How would you approach it with her to postpone it?x
Could you offer her clip ins untill its safe to fit individuals? Xx
I suggested clip ons but she said no. Shes determined to have microrings!
hi hon! do u know why she is so set on micro rings? surely they would be difficult to hide in very short hair.... (i dont do them so please correct me!!)
how about skin weft? im seriously impressed with them as they can go really quite far up to the hair line.
i think it would depend on where her scarring is as obviously you dont want any tension etc near a new scar? xxx
Just be honest with her. Tell her that to put them in could cause real problems and that she will potentially be putting herself at risk. She will appreciate that more than going ahead and then her having pain or problems however determined she is. If you put them in and something happened you would be liable. She could always consult her doctor as obviously I don't know how long ago the op was.
If she has her head screwed on she will listen to you and if not then you don't want it on your shoulders.
Just be frank with her or she will just go somewhere else to someone who doesn't care and no one would want her to end up with problems.

Hope that helps :)

Steph x
hi i have trained with racoon on their hair in recovery programe which was amazing. it allows you to perform micro bonded hair extensions on very short hair after someone has had cancer or any other form of hair loss, just a few things to take into concideration:-

how long ago did she have surgery - 3 months is the bench mark for signs to show on the body including hair after meds and trauma meaning hair can fall, prsonaly i wouldnt touch anyone before 3 months to be on the safe side.

is she still taking medication

do the pull test to make sure scalp is not sensitive and no excesive hair loss

id say you need min 3 inches of hair to do it

hope this helps, ive helped so many people get their lives back on track after going through similar problems and its the most amazing thing to see just how much it changes their lives and confidence :)
I definitely would not even go there. X
Thanks for your replies everyone. Ive decided i will go see her and discuss why it is best to wait. I think this will be better than letting her know by phone as dont want to lose her as a client. I would love to help her but really dont want to put her or my business at risk x