Microblading Chester, North Wales, Wirral, possibly Liverpool?


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Apr 11, 2015
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I am struggling to find the best at doing spmu eyebrows . I have narrowed down that I think microblading over machine is my preference but the challenge is finding someone that is amazing at it . I am happy to visit Chester , north wales , Wirral or Liverpool to have it done .

I've tried googling but I think because it's fairly new not much it popping up . Any guidance is greatly appreciated .
In addition if there are any other methods that are equally as good I'm open to suggestions

Thank you
Have you read up on Epibrows? I've been trained for over 18 months now and I'm doing really well, training was faultless and really thorough x
It's not companies I'm looking for . It's people who are currently doing them . I want the treatment but don't know where to go
Ahh sorry I thought you meant for training! I'm scotland so not much help there I'm afraid x
Hi I have a friend who does them based at the chill out spa in Knowsley nr Liverpool very experience in brows x
Knowsley is too far but thank you I appreciate it
How about Claire Hobson I'm sure she does clinics in Liverpool, it's machine semi perm make up tho but her work is amazing x look her up on Facebook u see what I mean x
Alexandra Perrin based on the Wirral is fab- let her know i sent you- Emma lamps makeup artist x

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