Microblading courses?


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Hi Guys, i am looking to go into SPM and wanted to start off with microblading but see so many different places online I’m totally confused of who to go with and who’s best for teaching as well as a decent price range?


Juliet M

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I am thinking of doing a course too. And Phi Academy looked the best for me (and from what I've heard from others). That one was about £2400 and you get the level 4 certificate with it. For a cheaper option I was also looking at the Gina Microblading Academy which is £1000 and she offers a one day one-2-one course (but this doesn't have the certification). Let me know what you decide :)


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Hi, I started with Phi Brows but didn’t finish. It wasn’t hands on enough training. You only get to do a second pass on 1 client on the training. Then you go away and finish the case studies etc yourself

Suggest if you want that hands on support you’re best to do a longer more intense course. Also I don’t think you get a UK recognised training certificate just a phi brows one so be sure as that was the case last year

Layla Hinchen gets great feedback for her courses she’s on fb also Dermagraph down in Windsor does 5 day courses


Please have a look at LAB Academy.