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  1. M

    Assistant expecting too much?

    Hi all, So I have a question as I’m new to the industry (28 year old career changer). I have been working at a salon as an assistant alongside attending (self funded) college for 5 months now and they have not offered to trade test me/ asked me to do anything that helps me upskill my TRADE...
  2. C

    Mobile nails?

    Hi everyone!.. good evening! I am booked on a nail training course in Sept and Oct and will be looking to go mobile.. can anyone give me any ideas on how’s best to get the materials around? I’m looking at the trolleys on wheels etc. And that’s probably the best way to go- But what do you do...
  3. cph21

    How long to train for?

    I'm hoping to get some guidance from all you experienced hair stylists on here! Basically, I've spent the last 10+ years working as a hair & makeup artist in the fashion industry in London, where I'm from. I've since relocated to a EU country where the industry for this is tiny so I've decided...
  4. L

    Extension course & questions

    I am looking to start going into hair extension training. Unfortunately I am not a hair dresser so I am struggling to find a good course, does anyone have any recommendations? Do these courses have to be HABIA approved also? I would be looking to do invisible weft and micro rings. I also wonder...
  5. I

    Hair extension models, feeling nervous!

    Hi All, I'm currently undergoing online training course with Maxwell Melia to learn 5 different methods - LA Weave, Nano bonds, Micro bonds, Fusion bonds and tapes. I'll be honest I'm not feeling overly confident because the mannequin head is so difficult to use, I can't get straight lines...
  6. nickyjpearce

    Am I the only person who is sick and tired of rogue training providers!

    Sorry guys if this sounds like a rant, I don't mean it too. Maybe I'm just looking for some support or ideas. I myself have been in the health, beauty and aesthetics industry for over 20 odd years. Most of this time I have also been a qualified teacher, assessor, blah blah blah. I worked in the...
  7. wowbb

    Looking for trainers across all ranges and areas

    We are expanding our network of trainers and have fantastic opportunities available for educators to join our team. If you have your AET and love teaching or you want to start teaching beauty courses then this might be for you. Ranges include Lashes, brows, tanning, waxing and nails throughout...
  8. L

    A good core of knowledge laser online training?

    Hello, was wondering if anyone can help me. I need to do an online core of knowledge laser training for work and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I don’t mind if it costs money Just a good company with helpful training would be great! thanks!
  9. Amyloudon

    Women’s VCTC Hairdressing Level 2 Certificate?

    Hi lovely ladies & gents, Its a long time since i was last on here. I lost my job due to COVID and have started up my hair extension business which im loving again :-). I cam across this course at my local college, Its and VCTC level 2 certificate (not diploma) and is a part time/1 year course...
  10. A

    Help! Mobile beauty?

    Hello - I am looking for a change in career. I have always been interested in Beauty! I am from Birmingham and moving to Loughton, London for a university course. I was hoping to spend these last couple months training in Beauty. This would be natural nails + gels / holistic facials. Can I ask...
  11. L

    Beauty schools in Glasgow, Level 2

    Hello all, I'm new to Scotland (Glasgow). I hold my beauty diploma from Spain but now I have to get requalified here. I do speak English so that language isn't a problem. I'm looking for **recommendations on a beauty school LEVEL 2 qualification** (VTCT, SVQ, NVQ- Still don't know which is...
  12. K

    Hair extensions and beauty trainer

    Hi all, so I’m after some advice please. I’ve been doing hair extensions and beauty for around 7 years and I would love to become a trainer. I’m currently doing my AET level 3. Has anyone here had a hair or beauty business and then become a trainer? Did you add the training element to your...
  13. S

    Training room rent advice

    Hiya I’m just after some advice, I have a hair dresser who rents a chair in my salon. We are also a training academy and have a separate training room with 5 stations for this. My hairdresser has been approached to be a educator for a extension course and they want to use my training room to...
  14. B

    Tatti lashes or Nouveau lashes training?

    I’m debating between the two on which one to go with. What would you recommend for an eyelash extension training course between these two?
  15. M

    Becoming a beauty trainer?

    Hi I just don’t know where do start. So much information online. I currently work in a salon. But would love to hold a monthly training session to train others. In waxing/massage/LVL course. I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist level 2/3. And have been doing it for over 10 years. Any...
  16. C

    Training advice

    Hi There, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding training. I have been thinking about this for several years but always talk myself out of it i think because im a little frightened, feel too old etc but my current work is so unfulfilling, I would love to do a job that I...
  17. C

    Gel polish training

    I’m due to attend Gel Polish Overlay training at the end of the month, to become qualified. Once qualified can I use any brand? Such as once qualified I want to use The Gel Bottle. Or do I have to do the training with each brand to be able to use them? Thanks
  18. S

    Pedicure education?

    Hello salon geek members I'm Sara and only just found this forum and so far I see so many of you supporting one and other and giving great advice which I think is just amazing. So I thought i would kindly see if I could ask for some feedback and any thoughts you may have on my idea? First of...
  19. Melodymoo

    Facial training help

    Hello! I am a complete newbie, I’m very passionate about skincare and have decided I’d like to train in it. I’d like to offer basic facials, steam, extractions etc and then go onto dermaplane, microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc. My question is, which I’m really struggling with... what...
  20. H

    Hair extensions course recommendations

    Hiya geeks, Looking for a recommendations on the best hair extensions course? I’ve been looking at SJK or Hair Extension Academy but I’d love some first hand recommendations?