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Jul 12, 2007
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hi, has anybody has any experience of millenium acrylic products? my local beauty product stockist has just got it in? i havn't heard of it before just wondered if anyone else has used it!:)
Hi there....I did a search on Millenium and so many threads came up I didn't know which one to link!!.:o

Have a look at them all....just click on search then advanced search and put in millenium, you will have plenty to read. HTH
I trained with millenium products in college ,
Imo they are ok, but very basic.
I thought they were fab until I did my creative conversion, and also NSI which I am using at the moment ,

There is only 1 pink to choose from, and the white was rather grey and never looked consistant, it always looked patchy,

I actually looking back now, dont think i would recomend them,
Hope I havent offened anybody, just giving my honest oppinion from my experience xxx
thanks, i too use nsi and love their consistency. thanks for the feed back guys xx:)
I also trained with millenium and thought that my constant lifting was down to my prep but I have recently bought NSI attraction and have had no problems with lifting, I assume it must have been the product.

I found millenium good to train with as it slow setting giving you chance to correct any imperfections, but I will not be using it again on clients. NSI are more expensive initially but cheaper in the long run as you dont have to keep re-doing clients nails for free!

Just to mention also that many geeks also recommend Creative, I could not afford the course and have not trained long enough to do the conversion course.
Hope this helps x

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