Minx, amount per sheet?


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May 5, 2010
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Hi, Im totally new to minx and after reading various threads im still a bit confused as to how many sets of minx you can get out of one sheet. im assuming 1 set with wastage but some threads seem to indicate more and if so how is this possible? Sorry if i appear naive x
Well on the toe minx you don't need a whole one per nail if you cut it in half you can get two toes out of it. Meaning you can get around two sets out of a sheet. If that makes sense. Obveously not all designs will allow this.
I have done as many as 3 sets of MINX toes per sheet sometimes depending on the size of the nails and how careful I can be bothered to be.

EVERY client pays for the whole set of Minx with every treatment so what does it matter how many sets you can get?? The price of the whole sheet is costed into each treatment so many times my cost of goods is ZERO if I use the sheet again.

I do think every client deserves a new sheet of Minx when they come into the salon not a tatty half-used sheet (unless I bag the used sheet for the same client if they are an habitual user of a particular design) from someone else's service!! I would not be too happy as a client if someone used bits and pieces from someone else's service to do my service; this is taking being 'tight' to the extreme I think.

It is easy enough to staple an envlope with unused Minx inside to the client record card to use the next time on them.
I agree Gigi, it's good to open a new packet for the client. I put all used ones to one side, and if they really can't find what they fancy, I show them the used ones and just use them, they are delighted they have found one they like.
Otherwise, I use the used sets for myself! I'd never open a new one for me - to tight!! ;)

Also - it cuts down time and is much easier to use a new one on each toe or finger, then your not faffing with your scissirs trimming bits off - they are out the door quicker and you can get on to your next client.
It's very rare I don't have to cut minx to fit. I can get 3 sets out of one sheet of minx like geeg it all depends on pattern and how carefull, pushed for time I am. I can get 4 little toes out of no1 big toe minx by cutting horizontally, iygwim ;);)

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