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Aug 22, 2010
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Hiya i am looking to offerminx nails in my new salon . Does anyone know of someone to do training in scotland either in my salon or i can go to them . If anyone has any info could you let me know .Cant wait to offer them to my clients . Thanks x
The Fingertips Centre 0131 3333180
you SHOULD get MINX in your salon ASAP
ive been using MINX for over a year now and im telling you, MINX will grow your salon 100% Its the most fantastic product on the market. DONT be fooled by other imitations of MINX as they're completly different.
MINX has the largest and best design choice out there. They also have the best reputation and are loved worldwide.
plus the PR on the product has been everlasting. there's so much info and marketing on MINX its great.
plus most of them are celebritys and we know how much our clients are influenced with those guys haha.
You Have GOT to get MINX
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thanks girls thats been really helpfull im going to call and book asap cant wait to do them x
Nailzone in glasgow they come to you or you go to them x:green:
You should talk to wee fee on this site she trained me on minx at Fingertips in Edinburgh and she was fab. They also are the supplier for scotland and all the staff are super helpful.

The girls at the Fingertips Centre are great. Definitely give them a call.

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