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Sep 11, 2009
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Hi. I love using Minx but sometimes struggle with really tiny little toe nails. Does anyone have any special tips please?
we always glue the little toes on just to make sure they are truley stuck fast, as these are the toes which seem to come off the quickest!!!:mad:
I always find that as long as you heat the Minx and apply over nail(even if it is tiny) they will still last as long as the others, I find using glue does not help in the long run as it will come unstuck with water. If u find it hard handling the Minx as its so small, try using a pair of perry tweezers to hold, cut and place on nail, then push down with your cutile stick to nail, this has always helped me, hope it helps you too! XX
I'm not so sure that it is the smallness of the little toe nail as much as the fact that half the thickness of that particular nail is very often layer upon layer of cuticle.

If you make sure you really remove the cuticle from that nail (and it can take some removing) ... then Minx will stick just as fast and long to it as any other nail. Size in my opinion has nothing to do with how long Minx lasts on the surface.

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