Minx re-application charge?


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Jun 21, 2009
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Hi geeks,

I did a set of Minx nails on a client of mine just over a week ago and she rang me the other day asking if i could fit her in for another set so that there all nice for her holiday! So i am thinking that i will be taking the old minx off and applying a new set for her.

My question is would i charge her the same price as a new set even though she had them done not long ago? do any of you charge for taking them off? or do you think i should charge a little less as she's not long had them done!

I would really appreciate a quick response as i am doing them this afternoon lol

Thanks in advance
Definitely would not charge less. She has asked you to have them done again only because she wants them done.

As for the re-Minx I don't charge any extra. Under the infrared lamp they don't take that long to remove. Don't know about anyone else though. If they wanted removal on it's own I would charge. Don't know what though as no one has ever asked for it. Probably £10 - removal plus cuticle tidy, file and probably a clear polish.
Thanks Lee-Ann, i did charge full price xx

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