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Jun 19, 2010
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lytham st annes
I am doing the minx course tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has done it and what to expect? Never thought to ask but do I need to take anything? How do you practice or do you just watch? Is there a certificate to show clients that your trained and not self taught?

Hi - I did mine at CND Liverpool - needed the lamp, a set of minx and a Minx file - I really recommend the soft ended stick too for smoothing perfectly. It took a couple of hours and I did 3 sets at home to practice before doing for real.
I love Minx and got 3 weeks on fingers on my 9 yr old - they still were going strong then! I have silver toes and my God they create a stir in the play ground at school!:lol:
im also looking to do minx training an havent a clue what to expect, also didnt know that they did minx training in liverpool?????? xx
Are you doing it through sweet squared? If you are did you receve a letter telling you if there was anything that you needed to bring? Tools of the trade ,Modle ect? If not then I wouldn't worry take your self and enjoy :)

I don't know how much it's changed scince I did it , I basicly went to a demo / play day type of class , & didn't need to take anything . (apart from some £) :)
I'm doing it at the Manchester academy, not received or been told anything except price of kit and what is included! Oh well if I need anything or forgotten anything it's just tough lol
I'm actually feeling really nervous as it's the first training for ages and not been out much since splitting with cheating hubby. Self esteem/confidence is at all time low, this is hopefully just what I need to kick start me back on the right path :)
im also looking to do minx training an havent a clue what to expect, also didnt know that they did minx training in liverpool?????? xx

I think its julia moran who you would need to contact! You can either google her or go on sweet squareds website under educators. She is really lovely and so helpful, I want to do shellac day next :)
I recently did the Minx training at Creative Manchester and everything was provided. If you have purchased the kit this also has all you need to get going apart from the cleansing items. It was a fantastic morning and you will be spoilt for choice chosing the Minx, take lot's of £:lol:
Everything was provided when I did my training.Didn't need to take a thing as we used all of the academys equipment/products and practiced on each other.

Have to say there weren't that many designs to choose from when purchasing designs after the training.No metalics at all:cry:
hope they have got metallics in as I have people wanting them doing for the weekend. It's not too bad as only friends and family but I want to offer to clients asap and the metallics are the ones everyone wants. Sadly I've got twinkle toes at the minute so don't think it would adhere?! All my finger nails have broke in the last 2 weeks, my natural nails are always lovely when pregnant but then flake and break off after :-(
anyone any tips on what to do with a half broken nail that is really sore, I have trimmed it down but still sore and catching as I can't trim down enough:-(
Well I have had a fab day but with a few hiccups along the way lol
I managed to forget my credit card, ooh what torture. Still managed to leave with lamp though(happy). Next step dashing diva and shellac demo days :):):)
Cant wait till tomorrow going to apply minx on my mums toes and practice pedicure techniques:)
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your minx class with us today!!!:lol: Julia is fantastic and will always bend over backwards to help!! We will put details of the Shellac and Dashing Diva Demo Days on the FB group page :) Good luck with the MINXING
Julia is as lovely as everyone has said, in fact everyone was lovely. I am so glad I went and really just want to learn as many new things as I can until I can afford to do a nail cnd course.
Well you know where we are now @ Creative Academy+ Manchester so you can pop in or give us a call, either of us will be more than happy to help anytime :)

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