Missing Shellac!


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Apr 30, 2011
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I'm so annoyed I checked my shellac yesterday and noticed there was one missing! Can I find it any were!

I have a feeling someone has took it when I've not been there which I'm
Not happy about due to closing my door each night I leave!

Sorry or the rant, I'm just so angry!
Hug! :hug:
You think client or coworker?
Hug! :hug:
You think client or coworker?

I have no idea It won't have been the lady I rent my room of tho or the girl who works for her x
Has anyone else found anything has ever gone walk abouts?
This happened to me too, I'm sure someone took it thinking that they didn't need the lamp grrrrrr :-(
I thought someone had took one of mine found it a week later wedged inside my spare lamps bulb lol
This happened to me! One of my shellacs went missing whilst i was in a 6 month phase of doing groupon clients (another story!) lol. Cant help but grin though if they thought it was just nail varnish as it will never dry mwahaha :)
i bought a brand new top coat on Friday, came in this evening to do a spray tan and its gone missing and my cupboard was open.
argh what can i do to stop this happening? im really upset. im not far from tears :( x

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