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Oct 3, 2013
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I am about to start doing hairdressing mobile I don't drive so will be either doing a lot of walking and from home too. I've ordered about 5000 leaflets, built a website, and contacted residential homes, I'm in canterbury where it's full of students so will leaflet outside uni's too.

Just any advice on getting started also share stories on mobile vs salon!?
I've had a bad run of salons, bitchy girls out to get me and idea why maybe I'm too nice!

Thanks in advance xx
iv done mobile with out a car lol lot of traveling to and from on bus lol try and get appintments in same area as it takes up a lot more time due to buses loved it tho get driving lessons asap care homes where my bread and butter tho due to more than one client wanting there hair done also do recommend a friend with a discount they were good to do too
Thank u for your reply, I have been in contact with a care home so hopefully get work there. I'm definitely leafleting in my area but also setting up at home as I don't Hopefully it all works out havnt work from home before! X

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