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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hiya everyone

Ok heres the thing - i have been asked my some new clients if i can do mobile which i dont mind doing.

however i dont exactly have the funds at the moment to buy a portable trolly, stool, mini steamer etc.

is there anyway that i can do mobile without having any of those? i do want to buy these but cant as finances are really tied up.

At the moment i have a portable couch, bag for all my stuff - and thats about it really.(as everything else in my treatment room is not portable!)

Does everyone else take trollys/stools/manicure tables etc? do clients mind if you use their table to put your stuff on?

sorry for all the questions - as you can tell iv never done mobile before!:lol:
Hi, you can only work within your means.

You can still do a facial, but without steam

Manicure, use your couch or use their table, people dont mind, and some kind of protecting mat.

Just check that they do have a table with 2 chairs before booking the treatment

I use to do mobile manicures, and no one ever said anything.

Its just like when a mobile hairdressers comes to you, the client provides the chair. I use to provide a large mirror so I could sit infront of it, whilst she did my hair. I even like to use my own shampoo/conditioner, as they work in my hair. And would even use one of my own towels, so that as she was drying my hair it was a dry towel on my shoulders.
What about this trolley? Lightweight Product Trolley - not too expensive.

I'd try not to use clients' tables if you can, you never know when you're going to spill something. Or get some big plastic sheets and make sure the table is well covered. As for a stool, you can get come very reasonably priced ones if you look at homeware shops in your local town centre. I got a folding stool for less that £10.

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