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Jul 16, 2019
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Hi all, wondering if anyone could offer some advice? :) I'm currently going through training to be able to offer shellac and acrylic nails. I was hoping to start this up as a small mobile nail business on the side of my full time job.

I will be travelling to clients and wondered whether others charge a flat rate for fuel costs or a certain amount per mile? Is there anything else to consider with this?

Also - is there any good quality, reasonably priced products you could recommend? I have been using CND Shellac, the gel bottle inc, premier gel. I do have quite a lot of the kit already but if you could offer advice as to the key items I would need to start up the business that would be great!

Thanks in advance,
Hi Holly,

I'm also starting up a mobile nail business.

As far as I'm aware I think the majority would consider fuel costs when doing their pricing, so that it is included. I would suggest deciding how far out you are willing to travel, then perhaps if someone lives outside that area then request an additional fee for travel.

As for products I'm still new but I've just bought ink londons starter kit. I think most professionals will advise to stick to a particular brand, mainly for lamp curing purposes (for best results and insurance reasons you should be using the brands lamp to cure their products).

I hope that helps.

Hi Holly,

I am also setting up a mobile beauty business. I did use to have a Salon which I gave up a couple of years ago. But this time I’m setting up mobile and growing by client base around my full time job, to begin with.

I agree with Sophii, include the cost of fuel in your treatments for your ‘catchment’ area. I am looking at adding an extra charge for clients further away and maybe offering a minimum spend to wave this. Clients may book more treatments at the same time which would be cost effective? Or maybe if they do it with friends?

I am also looking into Ink London. Very exciting!


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