mobile nail techs, how long after qualifying?


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Sep 3, 2007
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hi i was wondering how long other nail technicians waited after qualifying to go mobile?
i have just passed my vtct l2 nail treatments and i'm still doing nail technology which finishes in june.
i want to start up mobile as i work full-time in an office and i'm going to do nails part time to fit around my working hours.
i am also looking at doing a creative spa course so i'll be able to offer creative manicures and pedicures.
look forward to your replies
x o x
Hi Lisa

I "qualified" in June 2006 and started mobile (part-time) in April 2007. I took clients on for the treatments I felt most confident in at first, which was manicure/pedicure/spray tanning/nail parties. Although qualified, i still class myself as a "trainee" with regards to nail enhancements as i feel you can never get enough training for that!

I am continuously trying to improve, get faster, better etc and try to attend as many training days as I can afford.

Start by advertising your ear piercing and mani/pedi services, this will help you gain confidence so that you can introduce other treatments as and when.

Make sure you get insurance sorted before working on clients!

Hope this helps!
thanks for your reply
im going to take your advice and just start off doing ear piercing, manicures and pedicures when my certificates come through so i can get insurance. i'm going to go on a creative spa course so i can offer creative manis/pedis.
i just want to do it part-time to help fund more courses and to get me some experience without fully taking plunge yet.
thanks again
x x

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