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Jul 16, 2011
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United Kingdom

I've had 3 appointment requests today which I am thrilled about as I've only just done my first on Mon. One was for a luxury pedi. I just wondered the following...

How is best to do this? At college our clients lie back on the beauty bed. Is it acceptable if the client sits on the sofa and I sit on a mini step and lift her feet on my knees?

Where should I dispose of the water from the pedi bowl?!

What type of sheet do I need to put on the floor? I'm not sure what to look for but assume I should put something down in case of spillages.

I need to purchase disinfectant - something I can carry around mobile. Is there a portable solution? Any recommendations?

I think that's it! Thanks in advance xx
When I did pedicures last year at college clients sat on a chair and we sat on a little step! I found it comfortable this way.. We then moved them to bed where we painted toes and massage! You have to think about your posture and what's do able as well as the client! Xx
As for the water I would assume you just ask if you can dispose of the water somewhere and ask client where is best?! Anything water proof and easy to wipe clean would be best for the floor.. Have you thought about doing this at your own home? Hope this helps x
Have a look at Mundo! I use their products for hand sanitising and for my files, cuticle pusher etc. I carry them in my bag without any problems. I can definitely recommend it.:)
I have an oil cloth table cloth from
Next that I put under my nail desk to catch any spillages x
Brilliant, thanks for your replies. I will be doing it from home next year but people are wanting mobile at the moment. I'll have a look at Mindo now. Thanks :) xx
I get the client to sit on their fave couch or chair. I use a bath mat to go under the foot spa then a towel on my lap for their feet. Most clients tell me to too the water down the sink but I always ask first if they would prefer the loo. Always wash around their sink though to remove scrub from it! I sit on the floor or on a chair Xx
How about a shower curtain to put on the floor (plastic kind not fabric). It's cheap, easy and light to fold up, washable and you may find a nice colour to match your logo. :)
Brilliant, thanks for your replies. Great idea about the shower curtain!


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