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posh totty

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Aug 22, 2007
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Hi, can anyone help....Im getting ready to do spray tanning mobile but am really having trouble making the inside of my mobile booth light enougth to see the end result!!!!:eek:
I have a clip on day light kind of thing which I bought from sienna x website but it doesn't really seem enougth. Any help or suggestions would be great x
I know this might sound daft but I feel that too bright a light can hinder the spray tanning process.

My friend and I found this out when spraying each other in her kitchen. When the kitchen light was off, we could see better where the tan was being applied. I guess it depends on the depth of the colour guide in your solution.

I was going to get a light for my tent but I am a little worried that the bulb will overheat and burn the client or worse still shatter!

Good luck:)
I bought 2 really cheap screw on clamp style ones from ikea and put 1 on the top pointing down and 1 nearer the bottom pointing down.
No ikea near to me but thats a good idea will look out for some clamp lights ,thanx

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