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Nov 15, 2005
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North Wales
Hi a client of mine a lovely older Lady (80) whom for the last year since she moved into my area, I have been visiting on a mobile basis (as she isnt very good on her feet a few medical issues) Ive been providing acrylic overlay With french/colour polish, nail art (she would love airbrushed french but i dont take my compressor out with me as its too big n heavy so havent been able to offer her this) Anyway she is moving to Grantham in Linconshire and i have said i will try locate her a mobile tech as she cant be without her nails she dosent want nor is she able to visit a salon her last appointment with me is booked for fri 26th Oct and she has 3 weekly appointments. She is a regular client and no trouble at all just likes a natter and takes pride in her nails. Please mail me if you are fully qualified and can offer my lady the treatments she requires i will then pass her your number. I will be very sad to lose her shes lovely!

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