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Feb 7, 2012
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In a bit of a muddle. I currently have a good few client working mobile, but obviously could do with a whole lot more. I now have the opportunity to work within a fairly busy Salon however many days I wish at a daily rental rate (I was thinking Fridays / Saturdays & maybe 1 late night weekday... Is this too little ? I wanted to keep mobile & Salon clients seperate (prices would be different too) is this possible ?

I'm just worried that I wont have the stamina to sit like a battery hen doing sets of nails after nails. At the moment I will only do 2 at most nails a day, (8 clients a week) but putting myself into a Salon Im not sure I can keep up & also provide good quality nails at the same time - Everything is all so different when your 'Your own boss' without others viewing & watching whilst you work - I dont want to let anyone down ... :0

I really dont want to go in there & start something that I can't follow through on & worry that Id make a fool of myself & upset the Salon owner at the same time... (Who I already do nails for)... But I like the idea of going into a Salon & not having to be mobile all the time.....

I can also do some really nice art designs, but Im not all that quick at producing them as not all that many of my existing clients have anything fancy & I also worry that this will really look bad if they are there in the chair forever !

Can someone put my mind at rest and say they thought exactly like me before & everything is all now honkerdory ? Am I just being a complete scardy cat ? :eek:

If your working for yourself could you just book the amounf of time you want for each treatment?

Hey hun,
Breath lol
Write down the pros and cons to working in a salon and been mobile.
Don't worry that it won't work out because it will!
I went into my own salon with no clients whatsoever and I'm doing just fine, you have your days when you wanna pack it in but you get one client that changes your mind.
If people want you're nail art skills they will be quite happy to be sat in that chair an extra half hour. And I'm sure the more you do the quicker you will you offer other treatments other than nails?
Plus if your working in a busy salon your clients should build up in no time so long as you get your price lists and offers put out straight away, let people know who you are and what your about.
I wouldn't be surprised if you get your mobile clients coming to you and you go full time or just have one day that you dedicate to mobile clients.
Good luck with what ever you choose you will be fine :) x x x
I'm exactly the same I want to do it but worry I'm not going to b up to par but mobile techs in comparison to salon techs are not going to b u have to bear in mind techs in salons tend to have a more tedious diary and do get more clients in a faster paced environment, but everyone in a salon has been in your shoes when they first started.

as a mobile tech I take about 2 hours including setting and packing up I feel it is a slightly more informal environment ur doing nails more at ur own leisure this isn't opinion doesn't mean we are not as professional and good at our job but that's the environment mobile techs r in ur in a home granted not urs but still.

salon is a much more professional environment u can only learn these things when u put ur self in these situations nd as others have said if ur work is good the clients will wait. It's more important to produce good nails rather then quick. Hths
Hi I am a mobile therapist a few days a week and almost a year a go I started renting a room in a salon too. I am still my own boss therefor I let the receptionist know how long to book out for my clients, lunch breaks etc. It was quite stressful trying to fit into certain time slots as mobile is a bit more relaxed but you do get used to it. Being in a salon clients will be more aware of you and your client base will grow quicker. I am now working two long days a week in the salon. The owner is also a therapist but we do some different treatments too, I chose to put my prices up to the same as hers to avoid confusion and my mobile prices are the same too, it was just too confusing to have two different price lists. The only time I may change the price a little is if the mobile client is a bit further out than normal then I will put a bit extra on to cover petrol.
I hope this helps, you will be fine you just need to be confident it is better to be efficient in a treatment than to rush through and make a mess and you will get quicker naturally. X

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