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Mar 4, 2013
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I've been salon based since I qualified 15 years ago. The last 2 years I've been self employed at the salon I've been at for the last 7 years so already had a client base.
I've moved 20 miles away and thinking of going mobile but I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on which they prefer having done both.
It's a big step as I'll be starting from scratch again and really don't want to go employed again
Many Thanks
I have been mobile for a couple of years. It hasn't been easy as I did it with no existing clientele and soon after starting developed major shoulder problems! Anyways, what have I discovered? The pros :
Working for yourself, no boss to answer to, hours to suit, your prices can be very competitive thus (theoretically) attracting customers.

The cons :

No workmates to bounce ideas off when you have something tricky to work on, if you don't have an existing clientele it's VERY difficult to get a full column every day (it will take time to build and if it's your sole income it's very hard). The big revelation that I have discovered is that "having your hair done in the comfort of your own home" is actually a turn off for quite a lot of people. I've spoken to lots of people about this and an awful lot love the "salon experience", getting their hair washed, comfy chairs, glass of wine while service is being done. And hair is the one thing that a lot of people are happy to go without other things for in order to be able to go to a SALON to get their hair done. Cheaper mobile hair prices don't often sway these kind of customers. It's not all gloom and doom, there are obviously clients out there but it's tough! I'm about to undergo shoulder surgery shortly and when recovered am considering perhaps doing some part time in a salon and the rest doing mobile. I think this is possibly a good balance. Hope this helps x

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