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Jul 5, 2010
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hi im going mobile in the next couple of week... i was just wondering what is the best thing to take to put my wax pot on??
Does anybody put anything on the floor under the couch to stop getting wax on clients floor, if so what do you use??
thank you.:)
The best suggestion I ever heard about protecting your client's carpet was to get some shower curtains from the pound shop. They protect the floor, scrunch up to nothing and are washable.
brill idea thank you :)
Do you take anything to put your wax pot on??
I take an old towel for my pot and roller
Hi there,
I do mobile waxing and bridals, i take a black bag, and also a folding table or chair so that my box is on my chair and hopefully no one can say anything. Though the other ideas are brilliant to. Good luck.

javy x
and a roll of cling film for the inner pots!
Cheap shower curtain does it for me! :green:

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