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Jan 12, 2003
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Here is a new idea I came up with....I don't think I read this one anywhere.......LOL! ut here ya go! Let me know what you think! I took a white half well tip, marbelized it, set it out to dry, top coated it, then took it and glued it to the nail, then put clear acrylic over the tip as normal. WOO HOO! ;o)

Good idea....must sure help with the clean up. Looks great.
Sawasdee ka

This nail is very nice i like too much .

Kop khun ka mui
yehhhhh :thumbsup: fab - love em!!! ;)
very nice :thumbsup:
This is clever ... innovative .... and so much less messy ......

Well done for thinking of it. Something to do in 'down time' and then you're all set and ready to roll.
i thought it was a clever idea myself.....every now and then i "pull one out", LOL! just to clear one thing up, i normally don't place the tip so far down on the nail bed, it was just practice to see if i could actually get it to glue down, and i left it longer just so you could get the idea of what i was trying to do with the marble tip.

bye for now...

leigh ann
Looks GREAT..
Just thought I'd follow up and send a pic over of the full set of marble french tips. My smiles are a little wonky, new word? as I was trying to refine the smile line on the white tips, which I am new at also! ENJOY! You all should try this and send me pics when you do!

So many new things to try.... so little time.... :D :goal:
Firstly they look great - i really like this marble look at the moment and was wondering what you could do to not get soooo messy!!!!!

just a couple of questions - how did you get the smile line? - did you have to file away once the tip was on???

Also, you said you put a clear acrylic over the top but did you use the blush as well?

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